For those searching for either Glyoxal wholesalers or Glyoxal suppliers, the T Square, Inc. company is the best place to begin. We have been in business for many years providing 5 star quality service to industrial clients of all kinds throughout the United States. Our team of professionals are very knowledgeable and experienced in glyoxal-based crosslinkers, stickies control and High VOC solvent replacements. One of the most versatile chemicals to hit the industry is glyoxal 40%. There are many different uses and applications to glyoxal 40%. T Square, Inc. is one of the foremost suppliers and wholesalers of Glyoxal solution.

The Leaders in
Glyoxal Technology

It is our understanding of glyoxal cas, as well as other environmentally compatible components, which has allowed to become leaders in the chemical supplying industry. It also our dedication to our clients that make us top rated and trusted. We understand the many versatile properties of glyoxal and other chemicals we distribute. Each day, more and more people are realizing that for numerous applications, glyoxal solution is the best product available.

Earthworks SR - Series

Our Earthworks SR - series is the best when it comes to offering stickies control. For issues with machine outages, coating heads, blankets and cleaning printing presses, they offer excellent specialty cleaning. Our top of the line stickies control products help avert any sticky particles from agglomerating. The prevention of these particles from forming into large bundles can save numerous issues that affect drainage. The same prevention of agglomeration from the sticky particles also help deter machine outages. These outages are often caused by the necessity of cleaning up the clustering sticky particles

Earthworks FWC-series

When it comes to cleaning solvents, the Zero VOC solvent replacements we have are presently the best on the market. Our Earthworks FWC-series offers unequaled technology and among the best green cleaning products. It is also a very proven cost effective cleaning agent that does the job, without causing any VOC issues. If you need the best available Zero VOC solvent replacements to clean sticky materials, then the Earthworks FWC-series is tops. Rated as 0% VOC, our solvent replacements contain no unsafe pollutants. They deliver the optimal results when it comes to EPA compliant solvents. In addition, they also work to efficiently supplant both diesel and kerosene.

Founded in 1995, T Square, Inc. has been providing quality environmentally compatible products to all of our clients. Our superior products have made us the first choice of many industrial consumers and companies. It is our company doctrine to continue to make the world a better place to be. That vision was started by our founder, a former senior manager of Henkel Paper Chemicals, Inc. As we have grown, we always maintained the philosophy of delivering safe products for the generations ahead. We believe that they deserve a cleaner and healthier world. Because of that, we never compromise quality or our values.

T Square, Inc. proudly provides some of the safest chemicals, at the most competitive prices on the market. The environmentally agreeable intermediates and chemicals we offer are worker safe. At the same time, these cleaning compounds are very harmless, yet very powerful. Some of the products we offer have been developed for specific industries. They include metal fabrication, automotive industries, Pulp & paper, printing and shipbuilding industries.

Our company's dependability and continued excellence in the products we offer industrial consumer has led to our continued growth. It has also catapulted T Square, Inc. into being considered the best in the Glyoxal distribution business in the entire United States. In addition, our prices, expert, knowledgeable, friendly staff and dedication, has made us one of the most recommended companies around. This is why many clients consider T Square, Inc. one of the most efficient and dependable Glyoxal wholesalers in America.

As we continue to expand and grow, we have added the 40% glyoxal chemical intermediate to our long line of excellent products. It is considered by many in the chemical industry as one of the most versatile chemicals to hit the market. That addition to our product brochure, has led to T Square, Inc. being one of the predominant Glyoxal Suppliers in the United States. We have also become the second largest compatible products supplier in North America.

The use of glyoxal solution is approaching new heights every day. More and more companies are finding great uses for this industry changing chemical. Glyoxal and glyoxal-based crosslinkers are now being used in several industries. Some of these include glues and adhesives, coatings, pulp & paper, oil & gas, wood products and water treatment sectors. Even the textile industry is enjoying some of the many benefits glyoxylic acid provides industrial consumers.

In today's industry filled world, there are many chemicals which have made our lives easier. At the same time, they are also serious and hazardous elements. Because of that, you should only rely on the most trusted, reputable and top rated suppliers around. Here at T Square, Inc., our many years of service and delivery of quality products has made us one you can count on. For all of your environmentally compatible products, trust us to provide them to you. When searching for the best Glyoxal wholesalers and suppliers in the United States, T Square, Inc. is superior and the best on the market.

The Leaders in Glyoxal Technology

Our superior products and service have made us the first choice of many industrial consumers and companies. Contact us today to see the difference for yourself.